MurphTech • Pre-Made to Custom Convert

Second article for MurphTech has been completed! This article covers basic guidelines on doing a conversion on a manufacturer’s Pre-Fabricated Desktop System into a Custom Pre-Fabricated Desktop System with photos to help show the process. Hopefully this will be helpful and informative in understanding this ordeal. Reasoning for doing such a task really does vary from scenario to scenario, but for me personally it’s usually to fix one that has broken down, to upgrade the hardware beyond what it was capable of being stuck inside a manufacturer’s case with limited access to things, or just to simply recycle it into something new. To take a look at the whole process, click ->>Here<<- to check it out. There’s also a link for it under MurphTech on the menu bar above. It’s got some length, but it’s not as long as the ITX Build Guide. Doing these sort of projects was actually how I broke into working on and building computers to begin with, but it’s not what I would say is a “beginner’s project,” especially with more modern desktop systems nowadays.