Logo Evolution – Part 1

I’m preparing to embark on some site overhauling, as it is well overdue; the first thing was my logo needed some revising. So I sat down and looked over the current one and started to modify it. After a few hours of experimentation, I got the result that I was looking for. This ultimately had me backtracking and trying to find the predecessor logos and files so I could have a nice timeline revealing the lineage from the original to this new incarnation. After some digging, and swearing since I really was bad at file structures back then, I got them all rounded up, cleaned up, and placed nicely in one file.

All three versions of my logo thus far starting back from right after I changed the site from [RWZ]Bomber’s Digital Art to Murphster Productions. This file may end up in the new About/History when I get everything in order, but don’t know as of yet. Little Wacom usage in this, actually my first piece with using of the Wacom; that is going to get some taking used to.