World Map

Ever since I was a pretty young lad, I have always loved maps. There’s just something about them, and in particular I really love old world maps. Old world maps are pieces of art in themselves with gorgeous ornate designs that are typically entwined with what ever area it’s showing. I’ve been reading maps, and … Read more

Vid Style 8

After quite a bit of time and assembly, Vid Style 8 has been completed! The one is unique in the fact that its entirety is nothing other than 8-Bit and 16-Bit video game music. I personally think this is one of the best ones that has been created, if not just for the nostalgia factor. … Read more

Logo Evolution – Part 2

Well, after updating my actual logo, went and decided to spruce up my other one. Now this one hasn’t really been seen in quite a few years, primarily because it’s not something I use for branding any longer. The RWZBomber logo predates that of this site’s current purpose and it was derived from one of … Read more

Logo Evolution – Part 1

I’m preparing to embark on some site overhauling, as it is well overdue; the first thing was my logo needed some revising. So I sat down and looked over the current one and started to modify it. After a few hours of experimentation, I got the result that I was looking for. This ultimately had … Read more

Steampunk Gun

Another area of interest that I started to dabble in since I was introduced to it in 2009 by a very good friend, is Steampunk, which is a pretty neat subcategory of Science Fiction that in itself has quite a few different settings/genres that all revolve around the mass use of Steam Power. There normally … Read more

Tavern Sign

This little idea came to me after the latest friend gathering that has now been re-dubbed “Nerd Night.” Since I mostly do the bartender thing (until I am inebriated) my place ended up being dubbed “SMurphy’s Bar” with an additional tag that I’ll work on shortly, am too tired to do it now. This is … Read more

Vid Style 7

Back in fall of ’03, when I was a fishy in college, I made a number of compilation discs since this was prior to the MP3 boom. So I didn’t have a fancy MP3 player yet, just a CD player that I toted around the college campus to listen to tunes. One of the compilation … Read more

Blast from the Past

So a friend of mine started to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and we were discussing locations on one of the maps and I mentioned that I was having trouble thinking of a certain spot because I didn’t have my map in front of me. Which then came up the … Read more

Power to the 16th

Took a spin on some grunge/urban/retro artwork based off one of my favorite consoles: the Super Nintendo. It’s 11 x 17 full scale and the details are just silly things to make it sound more awesome. Program used was just Adobe Photoshop CS2. Check out the entire layout after the break!